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runner ducklings

runner ducklings

grey runners and Dexter

Brunswick, Skittles and 2 others...

Farm Ducklings

Duck, Runner/Cayuga/Blue Swedish/Mixed, Straight Run (unsexed) | Grey, Black and Yellow

DOB: 3/27/2020 (Under 1 yr)


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Ducklings for sale in the spring

Other: "farm" ducks are mixed varieties. Please call for availability


We have several adult ducks that are not for sale, but each spring from March to May we have ducklings for sale. please call and ask what we have available!

Indian Runners are tall and slender and hilarious... even the alpacas like to look at them!
The move together as a unit, much like a school of fish!
quacking along... they prefer a tall bucket of water over the blue pool.... clearly ANY type of duck can make mud out of 1tablespoon of water!!!

Duck eggs are great to eat or bake with.

Updated 4/24/2020